- - Friday, March 14, 2014


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s recent assertion that criticisms of Obamacare are “all lies” is not morally wrong simply because it was scandalous, but rather because it will be accepted as truth by many Democrats (“Reid backs off on Obamacare horror stories claim,” Web, Feb. 26).

Let’s pause a moment to consider the implications of that.

It means the leadership of the Democratic Party is fully aware that many of their members are sufficiently ignorant of current events to accept as truth Mr. Reid’s deliberate untruths.

I think that’s cruel because it deprives these members of their right to know the truth and think for themselves. Sadly, it also reduces thinking Democrats to just part of an uninformed herd waiting for directions from their leaders.

Perhaps there is a sense of security in being a compliant member of a big group. It certainly works for ants.

The question to ask is, if your leadership is accomplished in lying to those who know less than you, what keeps them from lying to you, too?


Cape Coral, Fla.



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