- - Friday, March 28, 2014

Amid the debate on national security vs. personal privacy, Google has created a playful video showing how it responds to search warrants for its clients’ emails and other online data.

Called “Way of a Warrant,” the 3-minute, 24-second video uses toy people figurines on a game board to illustrate the process of securing a search warrant and complying with its dictates.

Google was one of several high-tech, information-based corporations that voiced outrage over the federal government’s blanket acquisition of users’ data without their clients’ knowledge or consent.

In January, the Obama administration announced surveillance reforms and eased a gag order that had barred companies like Google from revealing information about requests for users’ data they receive from the government.

By producing the video, Google hopes to reassure its clients that it strives to protect their data from an intrusive government — as well as hackers and data pirates — maintain their privacy as it complies with search warrants, even as usage of its services continues to grow annually.



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