- - Tuesday, March 4, 2014


“Breaking bad with Al Gore” by Michael Taube (Commentary, Feb. 26) was entertaining as well as revealing. I always thought Mr. Gore was a supreme combination of arrogance and stupidity.

Based on the op-ed, Mr. Gore’s arrogance has let the troll within peak out from under the green bridge, showing part of his true agenda. He, like many other radical greens, is not pro-environment. He is anti-people.

Understanding this fundamental fact is the key to decoding radical-green pronouncements and proposals. All the hyperbole about anthropogenic global warming, the supposed dangers of every form of energy development, the denigration of personal motorized transportation, the pushing of high-speed rail and other public transportation, anti-“sprawl” initiatives and “fertility management” have but one object: to control people.

Josef Stalin would have been proud to have had such accomplices.

These people envision a world where there are far fewer people and those who remain are mostly confined to cities. In this utopia, personal motorized transportation does not exist, self-defense is not allowed and every other aspect of our lives is controlled by a government (of which they intend to be in charge).

We must not be intimidated and should call them out for what they are: agents of totalitarianism and intolerance.

Mr. Gore’s hubris has provided a rare glimpse below the green bridge, and we should take active note of the darkness he revealed there.



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