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In order to survive and thrive, every society must have some standards of moral conduct. Before its founding and throughout its history, this country has used the Ten Commandments to guide its judgments, and doing so has made us the envy of the world.

We have used our moral guidelines to get people to tell the truth in court and to guide the relationships between men. Yet we are now losing our enviable and lofty position.

From watching the Democratic Party evolve from the party of Harry Truman and Henry “Scoop” Jackson to the party of Harry Reid and Barack Obama, one can only come to the conclusion that it has become an immoral, corrupt party.

The Democratic Party has lost its moral underpinnings and now supports marriages that involve other than one man and one woman.

It gave a standing ovation to a congressman who, it was discovered, had a sexual relation with a teenage boy. Every deviant group in the United States supports the Democratic Party.

In the past, Democrats defended and promoted the freedom and rights of every American.

Now, in their contaminated state, they support the killing of Americans by the president, the abandonment of the Constitution while a Democrat is occupying the White House, the power of the government to force an unwanted and unpopular health care system on the American populace, the diminution of black Americans through abortion, money laundering of taxpayer funds through unions, and using Saul Alinsky strategies to demonize their opposition.


Sterling, Va.

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