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It seems like these Boko Haram guys in Nigeria just came out of nowhere and kidnapped 276 schoolgirls to sell them into slavery. But they didn’t. They’ve been around for a long time.

They’re a gang of hard-core Islamic fanatics who have been committing acts of terrorism in Nigeria for over a decade. They’ve killed over 1,500 people so far. They’ve had dealings in the slave trade for a long time. But they didn’t get much attention from the world community until they kidnapped all those girls … and they didn’t get any attention from the Obama administration or its media friends at all.

Suddenly, we’ve got celebrities from all over the world taking selfies to get attention. Michelle Obama posing with a pouty face and holding up a sign that says “#BringBackOurGirls.” Suddenly, we’ve got Hillary Clinton on Twitter, using the Bring Back Our Girls hashtag to declare, “Access to education is a basic right & an unconscionable reason to target innocent girls. We must stand up to terrorism.”

As if the big problem here was blocking “access to education” for these girls! Women’s education is one of the things that gets Islamist fanatics worked up — they’ve killed a lot of people in Afghanistan by attacking girls at school. (I visited one such school in a trip I made to Afghanistan, after a number of girls were slaughtered just for getting an education). But these girls have been kidnapped, they’re being held prisoner in a snake-infested jungle dungeon, these Christian girls have been forced to convert to Islam, and the warlord who kidnapped them says he’s going to sell them into slavery because it’s Allah’s will, unless of course the government of Nigeria wants to give him back some of his terrorist buddies they have in jail.

When Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, people were begging her to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. The FBI asked for it. The CIA asked for it. Senators demanded it. And she said no, over and over again … because Boko Haram is affiliated with al Qaeda, and the official administration story was that al Qaeda was decimated and on the run. It’s the same reason our ambassador to Libya was left to die, with minimal security, and we got weeks of Mrs. Clinton and President Obama trying to cover their butts with a phony story about protests against a YouTube video getting out of hand. For some reason, our government has a difficult time believing terrorists when they say they are going to kill people in the name of Allah. It’s almost as if we are saying, “Come on, you’re Muslims, you’re too dumb to believe what you’re saying.” Well, I have met with terrorists on a number of occasions. I have had guns put in my back and threats made to my life. I have listened and learned and here’s one thing I know, Islamic terrorists know exactly what they are doing, and they relish in telling the world about it. It’s part of the fun for them, terrorizing people is what they do.

So when a guy like the leader of Boko Haram says he’s going to kill, torture or sell girls into slavery, believe him. But under this administration, with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, and even during the Bush years, we didn’t, we let it slide. As if Sharia Law is some kind of a joke, it’s not.

But now Boko Haram has pulled off this horrifying mass kidnapping, and they fit into narratives about feminism and women’s education, so it’s a celebrity cause. And that’s exactly how liberals are treating it. They’re sending selfies and Twitter messages to each other in a splashy media-friendly Bring Back Our Girls campaign. It was actually started in Nigeria, which is why it talks about “our” girls. These people aren’t sending messages to Boko Haram.  They’re primitive savages whose ideology tells them to reject Western ideas and technology, except for the guns and rockets they’re happy to use. No, these liberals are talking to each other, putting on a big production to show how much they care.

Everyone should care, because while Americans are obsessed with nasty things people say in wiretapped phone conversations, slavery is alive and well in the most terrible corners of the world. On a trip I made to Sudan, I met people who had been slaves the day before and had just escaped. And not just one or two but HUNDREDS of them!

Al Sharpton and the race hustlers teach young people in our country to be victims because our country had slavery over 100 years ago. American feminists write screeds about how marriage is slavery and all sex is rape … but there are people being sold in slavery right now and women getting killed out there because they dare to assert their basic human rights and get a decent education.

And when someone who knows about these matters, someone who has been a victim of barbaric practices, someone with the courage to speak up even though she lives under constant death threats — Ayaan Hirsi Ali — shows up at a university, liberals chase her away.

It shouldn’t take a high-profile outrage that generates big headlines to inspire action against a group like Boko Haram. That should have happened a long time ago, with their official designation as a terrorist organization by the State Department. But Hillary Clinton didn’t do that, Michelle Obama was too busy doing “The Dougie” and ruining lunches at schools and now here we are.

What do you think, should the USA get more involved with this situation? Or should we let the rest of the world take care of it? Comment here at washingtontimes.com and until our next briefing, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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