- - Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Kudos to East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C., for yanking the chain on another Marxist professor infecting higher education (“School annuls professor’s ban on grads thanking God,” Web, May 7). I am sure that there are many “thanks to God” praises around the country at this decision.

How dare this professor issue edicts to his students as to what they can say at their own graduation? Congratulations to Provost Marilyn Sheerer for her honesty and quick action to avoid another abuse of the Constitution. Eli Hvastkovs‘ attempt to limit his abuse to “just the chemistry department” is an affront to every ECU student and their parents. Sanctions against this “professor” are in order. Maybe Mr. Hvastkovs would prefer the Black Mass at Harvard.

Mr. Hvastkovs responded that graduation was “purely educational.” In this, he is correct. This assistant professor has received his education in the school of hard knocks.





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