- - Friday, May 16, 2014


I agree with those who say Congress needs to “move on” where the Benghazi investigation is concerned — meaning, I think our representatives must accomplish the people’s business in the productive, bipartisan manner for which they were elected. However, I take serious issue with the suggestion that dropping the Benghazi issue contributes to the accomplishment of government business (“Trey Gowdy brings reputation of legal skills, bipartisan praise to Benghazi panel,” Web, May 13).

One important responsibility of Congress is to ensure accountability in the operation of our government and to report oversight findings of those operations to the American people. Simply “moving on” from Benghazi would be a dereliction of congressional responsibility.

Some say President Obama has admitted culpability in the outcome of that night in Benghazi. I don’t recall him taking total responsibility for it, especially to the level implicit in the creed of “The buck stops here.” A confession that he was derelict in his duties to those four men killed and the American people — which any other competent manager at any level would normally make after such an incident — would not absolve Mr. Obama or his lieutenants, nor would it forgive their outright lies about Benghazi or their subsequent attempted cover-up. Letting this administration off the proverbial hook with childlike apologies would only serve to condone their vile actions.

The appointment of the special Benghazi committee is the only method to hold this administration responsible for its actions (or lack thereof). As Rep. Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, recently said, “Facts are neither Republican nor Democrat.” Let’s support Mr. Gowdy’s committee in order to find these facts and reach the truth.


Manassas, Va.



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