- - Friday, May 23, 2014


Politically correct speech has corrupted our language to the point that sometimes we no longer know what we are talking about. Descriptive characterizations and appellations no longer correspond to reality.

Consider the following: Terrorist attacks are now “man-caused disasters,” people who entered our country illegally are labeled “undocumented immigrants,” and Social Security is now called an “entitlement,” even though the Federal Insurance Contributions Act mandated contributions from both the receiver and the employer. These conundrums may explain why so many people are confused and easily misled.

What does it mean to say the wealthy are not paying their “fair share” and that the poor deserve more? What is “fair”? To the redistributionists, fair means equal, and everyone should be the same. This proposition implies wealth isn’t fair because it makes people unequal. It also implies poor Americans deserve more money — but why does having less entitle you to more?

Half the population is subsidized by some program or another, yet the liberals and socialists among us insist America is a greedy and mean-spirited country. The philosophy of wealth distribution is based on the idea that wealth is a negative. We cannot paint wealthy individuals as the enemy because they have money, nor can we consider the poor as morally deserving because they have less.


Flushing, N.Y.



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