- - Friday, May 23, 2014


Ben S. Carson’s column (“Charting a course between principle and pragmatism,” Web, May 20) shows a lack of regard for human beings in the unborn stage. He endorses Senate candidate Monica Wehby, Oregon Republican, who supports the killing of human beings in the unborn stage.

I understand the strategic need to support “pro-choice” Republican politicians in order to end control of the Senate by the Democratic Party, a party now totally controlled by the criminal abortionist movement. However, we must maintain the principle that politicians who support unlimited killing of human beings in the unborn stage are morally unfit to hold any public office.

All human beings have an inalienable natural right to live a full human life span. Killing human beings in the first nine months of life and depriving them of their entire human life spans violate this most fundamental right and is, therefore, a crime. Politicians who support prenatal homicide are a deadly danger to the human race and must be kept out of power to the fullest extent possible.





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