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Rulings against traditional marriage are the sharp end of a wedge for prying religious freedom from our Constitution (“Pennsylvania gay marriage ban overturned by judge,” Web, May 20). If applied, the Bill of Rights would furnish the key for resolving this issue by sustaining the religious essence of marriage.

For tens of millions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers, classic scholarship concludes homosexual relationships are separate from God. The Old Testament, holy to “People of the Book,” speaks of the character, identity and purpose of God in a manner that continuously addresses homosexuality. God is identified as masculine and all humans are identified as feminine in relation to Him. After creating all things, God created the single institution of heterosexual marriage as an example of the love relationship He desires with each person. Therefore any subsequent reasoning from Scripture must derive from that basic understanding.

Focusing on first principles renders irrelevant contrary arguments of “fairness” and “tolerance” and the pecuniary arguments regarding taxes and social welfare. All can be managed through elegant expressions and the endless tomes legislators luxuriate in creating on issues from plastic bags to health care.

Allowing a popular civil trend to erase foundational constitutional principle injects a crippling abscess into spiritual faith. Immediately, these people reside outside boundaries guaranteeing freedom of religion to become guilty of cultural prejudice, and to contemplate logic redefining their beliefs as criminal.


Eugene, Ore.

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