- - Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sheila M. Cullen oversees a $1-billion-plus network of VA hospitals and clinics in Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. She falsified her academic record in 1997 by claiming she had a master’s degree she never earned (“VA exec lied about master’s degree,” Page 1, May 27). The VA became aware of this deception in 2009. Ms. Cullen remains on the job.

In 2001, George O’Leary falsified his academic record by claiming he had a master’s degree when he was hired to be the head football coach at Notre Dame University. When the Notre Dame athletic director found out about the deception, he forced Mr. O’Leary to resign immediately. Is it more important for a football coach to be honest about his academic record than a senior government official overseeing $1 billion worth of VA facilities to be honest about her academic record?

Who would have thought that a football team is more important than the health care of our veterans?





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