- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Now appearing on swank invitations in a certain state: “BYOP”.

That stands for “bring your own pot.” In previous years it was simply BYOB. Things change.

The new acronym has shown up on public radar through coverage of the Colorado Symphony, which has organized three marijuana-friendly symphonies, including one dubbed “Classically Cannabis.”

The organization is now receiving extra donations from providers of recreational pot and the accessories and/or food products that go with it.

“High society successfully met high times, and in Colorado, marijuana now means more Mozart,” reports CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen, who covered the first fundraiser in Denver.

This is not your father’s - or your grandfather’s - drug culture.

Meanwhile, there are other ways to fund creative outlets in the West. The California state legislature unanimously passed a bill four days ago that will create a new Snoopy license plate to fund the state’s museums.

Yes, as in the beloved cartoon beagle of Charles Schulz. Needless to say, 3,800 Californians have rushed to preorder what the legislators deem a “special-interest license plate.”



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