- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A town in Canada has come up with a creative way to simultaneously clean up the beach and make a few bucks: Local officials have put up for auction on eBay a beached, 40-foot-long sperm whale that’s being billed as a collector’s dream come true.

“Once the fat and flesh is removed, you have a spectacular 40-foot skeleton of the largest toothed whale in the world. great for museums and other attractions,” the listing from Cape St. George on eBay reads, United Press International reported. “To prevent it rotting in the town, it can be towed to isolated beaches on the Port au Port Peninsula to allow the seagulls and other birds to remove the flesh.”

Bids so far have hit the $300 mark, UPI reported. The auction closes to bids on May 11.

“As a town, we would dearly love to keep the whale and put it on exhibit in the town, but the cost of such a venture would be hard to justify,” said Mayor Peter Fenwick, in a news release reported by UPI.



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