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In “House GOP probes on IRS, Benghazi bring peril for Dems” (Web, May 4) Washington Times reporter Stephen Dinan includes a short paragraph that I believe identifies the underlying, fundamental problem that has evolved in our Congress and our political process.

The article states that the Democrats in the House who “are fighting for their political lives … will have to decide whether to side with the embattled president and resist the investigations and questions or whether to vote with Republicans.” Why do these Democrats need to make such a decision? We don’t elect members of Congress to vote to support their party, we elect them to represent the people and to do what’s right.

True representational leadership should support the democratic process and seek truth and accountability in government, not votes by party affiliation and intimidation. To decide not to support any special committee to investigate an issue is not just a failure, it’s dereliction of duty, particularly when it comes to evidence of a cover-up indicating lies by our highest-ranking officials. If Democrats in Congress think they are going to win re-election back home by taking a stand against the democratic process of trying to determine the truth and ensure accountability, they are delusional.

I have always been on the fence about term limits for Congress. However, the revelation that has come from Mr. Dinan’s article is that term limits would eliminate the issue of such elected representatives “fighting for their political lives,” thereby alleviating much of the partisan politics and allowing our representatives an opportunity to do the right thing without fear of reprisal.



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