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Monica Lewinsky has returned, and it’s a good thing. She’s a smart, thoughtful woman who deserves to be able to take her life back from those who prefer she stay silent, and stay away.

I’m sure there’s nothing more irritating to Hillary Clinton than those you use and abandon who actually survive and return, determined to tell their story.

Ms. Lewinsky has re-emerged with an essay she’s written for Vanity Fair, which appears in its June issue, but excerpts released on the Web are already causing Mrs. Clinton’s supporters to go ballistic.

In the article, Ms. Lewinsky says it’s time to stop “tiptoeing around my past — and other people’s futures.”

“I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I’ve decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past. (What this will cost me, I will soon find out.)”

Good for her. She knows there will be a price to pay, because the same rotten core that drives Mrs. Clinton, compelling her to enable her husband all these years, has only become more craven.

The reaction to her article by other women in media has been nothing short of disgusting and shameful. Yet, it is another indication that Mrs. Clinton and her team of media bullies know full well an open discussion of her role in trying to wipe out Ms. Lewinsky when she was a 22-year-old is still relevant because it reveals not the “tough” Hillary, but the misogynist Hillary.

Think about it. You’re married to a man with no pants. He uses women like other people use washcloths. But you need him to get the power you think you’re entitled to, so you help in destroying the credibility and lives of anyone who exposes your husband for what he is.

It’s bad enough when a man is a sex addict. It’s even more obscene when the one woman who could stop him chooses instead to enable her predator husband because it will get her something she wants. That’s cold, and malignantly narcissistic.

The bullying of Ms. Lewinsky begins again because she dares to be present, dares to defend herself, dares to take her life back. Nothing says “war on women” more than the feminist liberal Democratic hero having her feminist liberal Democratic media sycophants go on the offensive to destroy an inconvenient woman.

It’s obvious Mrs. Clinton has her eyes on the White House. Despite her health problems. Despite her disastrous (and equally unaccomplished) turn as secretary of state (except for certain notable events, such as being photographed gulping down beer at a bar in Cartagena, Colombia, and dirty dancing with another woman in South Africa).

Despite being in charge of State during the murders in Benghazi, for some reason Mrs. Clinton thinks she deserves a promotion to the presidency.

The arrogance of these people was only made worse when they got away with mercilessly attempting to destroy Ms. Lewinsky’s life after the White House intern was revealed as Mr. Clinton’s then-current fling back in 1998.

What did the feminist wife of the feminist president do? She participated in the organized effort to cast Ms. Lewinsky as a deranged stalker.

This is why Ms. Lewinsky is important, and why Mrs. Clinton should be afraid of what she has to say. Ms. Lewinsky survived their attack, and is no longer a naive and shell-shocked (and star-struck) 22-year-old girl. She is now a 40-year-old woman who likely understands more than ever the larger significance of what those people did to her.

Why this matters isn’t because of policy differences or partisanship. This is about character, simple decency and whether we want the best people among us as leaders determining our future, or the worst.

When we look away from the treatment of a Monica Lewinsky, and then elevate those who reveal such a reprehensible attitude toward life, we eventually pay a price. Such soulless leaders deliver a regime that somehow allows the murder of four Americans, covers it up, lies to the families of the fallen, fails (or refuses) to capture those responsible, and stonewalls Congress.

As a conservative feminist I, too, want a woman in the White House. But not just any woman. I want a president who loves this country more than herself. I want a president who genuinely views the American people as valuable, important and worthy of respect, who disables the predators in our midst who threaten our future, and actually understands the “difference it makes.”

In her article, Ms. Lewinsky says she wants to speak out against bullying and its destructive force. It would be important and more than appropriate to include exposing Hillary Clinton as the dangerous bully she is in that important objective.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News and PJTV contributor.

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