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The White House released a new fear-filled National Climate Assessment this week, offering the usual horrifying speculation instead of actual data.

Heck, if the worst-case scenarios in the climate computer models that have been consistently wrong for the past 30 years pan out, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports could be under water. There could be more hurricanes. Our food will be less nutritious. And it’s all your fault, you evil, air conditioner-using, carbon-spewing, capitalism-loving Americans.

Don’t look at the rest of the world and ask why their emissions don’t seem to count. Don’t try looking at Beijing for the source of global warming. (Seriously, don’t try looking at Beijing — you can’t even see it through the rolling clouds of smog on bad days.) Stop asking why there hasn’t been any actual climate change for 17 years and counting, a pause predicted by absolutely none of the doom-mongers.

Stop asking if an unrealistic emphasis is being placed on carbon dioxide as a “greenhouse gas,” because it just happens to be something that can be tied to all the human activity government wants to tax and regulate.

By all means, you’d better stop asking why people such as President Obama are happy to pump 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so he can fly to the coast and attend a few fundraisers and maybe play a few rounds of golf. Stop asking why Al Gore has a carbon footprint bigger than Godzilla. Do not wonder if global-warming crusader James Cameron should stop burning oceans of fossil fuel to make movies.

Only us little people need to change our lives to combat climate change, you see. The kings and queens of Hollywood and Washington will still roam the skies, prowl the streets in limousines, and luxuriate in air-conditioned comfort. Sure, they’ll be paying more for electricity under the coming tidal wave of environmental regulations, just like you, but unlike you, they can easily afford it. You pay for a politician’s energy consumption anyway — why should he care if gas goes up another buck or two per gallon, or home electricity costs jump 50 percent?

By the way, it’s not “climate change” anymore. It was global cooling until the political class realized there wasn’t any way they could squeeze power and money out of that. Then it was global warming, until they realized the globe wasn’t warming. Then it was climate change, until global temperatures stopped changing. Now it’s “climate disruption.”

That’s the perfect name, because even if the climate doesn’t change, they can say it was supposed to change, and we still need big government to prevent the “disruption.”

It’s all about government bureaucrats and academia bullying people into feeling ashamed of their productivity and prosperity, making us feel frightened enough to accept more government control over our lives and our wallets. We’re also prodded to hate American industry, which has made lives around the world so much better. Politicians get more power, scientists get more funding, and elite liberals get to look down their noses at peasants who dare to enjoy luxuries that should be reserved for aristocrats, such as driving around in affordable, comfortable cars. There’s less science and more hysteria in the climate change — excuse me, climate disruption — movement every year. They don’t care how often they get everything wrong, because their computer models will always say the end is nigh, and it’s time for America to repent.

So for those reasons and the additional regulations they are constantly forcing down our collective throats, the liberal bullies of the week are the climate change con artists.

Rusty Humphries, a nationally syndicated talk-radio host, is a contributor to The Washington Times.

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