- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sent out a Facebook post Wednesday morning about the complete bashing that Democrats took in the midterm elections, warning that Republicans shouldn’t pat themselves on the back just yet — that the vote wasn’t really one for the GOP.

Rather, she said, Americans were voting against the status quo.

“The Democrats got mauled today, deservedly so,” Mrs. Palin wrote. “To prohibit that from happening to the GOP in 2016, it must learn the lesson from the last time Republicans held the Senate majority. This time, they must not retreat, and it’s our responsibility to hold them accountable.”

She also cautioned the newly elected to “realize that Americans were not necessarily voting FOR any party; they were voting AGAINST the continued dysfunction and corruption in D.C.,” she wrote.

Mrs. Palin said the smart move would be for the newly elected GOP to fight for limited government.

“Will they fight for reform that aligns with the limited government planks of the Republican platform, or will they return to the big government cronyism and status quo favored by the permanent political class? Will they drain the swam or decide the D.C. cesspool is really just a jacuzzi they can’t wait to jump on into and shake us off? If GOP leadership returns to business as usual, then this majority will be short lived,” she wrote.

And she summed with a warning: “So, establishment types, remember that you didn’t build this! The majority that swept you into power tonight is thanks to the rank and file commonsense conservative grassroots. That’s who built it. And they expect results.”

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