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Nowadays I get a lot of feedback from frantic patriots wondering what can be done to stop the unprecedented erosion of our God-given rights and constitutional liberties.

However, with all due respect to my fellow freedom fighters out there, the question is not what, but who?

Fortune favors the bold. Every war in human history has eventually been won by the side that most believed in the moral superiority of its cause. If we become the generation that loses American Exceptionalism on our watch, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We are not victims of a superior opponent or ideology. We are victims of our own complacency.

Each day seems to bring with it a new assault on our freedoms and the rule of law from the Left, and with a few notable exceptions a lack of courage of conviction in response from the Right. As a result, polls show the American people are very disenchanted with the current direction of the country and have soured on Obamaism. If President Obama has succeeded at anything it’s proving yet again that political messiahs always fail and/or become tyrants, for they seek to deploy human government in ways God never intended. Government cannot perfect man. Rather, government exists because man is fundamentally flawed.

There never was any hope in the political class, for faith in the political class is what got us into this mess in the first place. Just because someone takes an oath of office doesn’t mean they’re suddenly absolved from the frailties of the human condition that bedevil the rest of us. Quite the contrary, the kind of temptation omnipresent from all that media, money, and power only exacerbates the weakness of our species.

That fallibility is why we want a limited government. History has shown it’s problematic enough asking government to do the few things God intended it to do, let alone all the things He did not. Unfortunately, we trusted politicians to cure poverty, illiteracy, the family, and healthcare, and now all of these societal problems are worse off than they were before Washington got involved. By waiting on politicians to lead the way we evolved from a “government by the consent of the governed” to the inmates running the asylum.

Because there is no system we can devise that can constrain unrestrained human nature, our Founding Fathers rightly put their faith in the people more than the system. Now, at first blush that seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? If human nature is not basically good, why put your faith in people? The answer is you put your faith in people precisely because human nature is not basically good.

For example, acknowledging the reality human nature is driven primarily by self-interest spurred us to create a meritocracy based on competition to encourage accountability and achievement. By rewarding merit, we incentivized human nature to be meritorious. Without those incentives, it will not be on its own.

Our political class proves this truth daily. We complain about all their misdeeds, but in 2012 ,we re-elected about 91 percent of the D.C. incumbents on the ballot.

The Founding Fathers didn’t trust government, which is why the Constitution was written to restrain government and not the people. They didn’t trust legislators, executives, or judges. That’s why they pitted each of these branches against one another with checks and balances. They didn’t trust consolidated power, so they created layers of government at the state and local level to have a voice as well. And when every layer of government won’t listen to the voice of the people, they gave us First Amendment protections that allow us to still speak truth to power.

Despite what you’ve heard, nothing has fundamentally changed in America except for one thing — us.

What the Founding Fathers did not account for is that we as a people would become so complacent that we would voluntarily hand over our authority over the system with nary a shot fired. On this current course, ours threatens to become the first-ever voluntary banana republic in world history. Usually wannabe despots need to strike fear in the people, and make an example of their enemies to prompt compliance to their unlawful and immoral edicts. But that’s not the case with us. Like lemmings we follow them right over the cliff, and then get mad at the people who tried to save us from going overboard. We have become so dumbed down and complacent we have gone from “In God We Trust” to the Walking Dead.

Yet one word can still save us—”no.”

The great reformers in human history — the Apostles, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (just to name a few) — all had something in common. They radically transformed their cultures by refusing to comply with the status quo. When the state demanded allegiance to it above self, conscience, or God each of them said “no” in reply.

A seamstress named Rosa Parks sparked the civil rights movement by simply saying “no” one day on an Alabama bus. Where are the Rosa Parks of our era? Well, I can tell you where they’re not — in our political class.

The Rosa Parks of our era are found in places like Oneida, Tennessee, where a small rural town recently refused to comply with an anti-Constitutional demand. Thus, they defied the political class to pray over the P.A. before their local high school football game, regardless of the threats against their community.

Our Founding Fathers would be proud.

They said no to the British Armada, and we won’t even say no to a political class less popular than cockroaches? If they were as gutless then as we are today, we’d still be British subjects and not American citizens.

Our constitutional republic is only as solid as the people inhabiting it. Those people would be us. We’ve been the ones in charge here all along, we out-number them, and we still have the Second Amendment.

So in the spirit of our Founding Fathers who dumped King George III’s tea into the sea, refuse to pay their sniveling fines for being an American. Refuse to obey their wicked pretend “laws” when our Founding Fathers used to tar-and-feather bureaucrats for far less. Don’t bow the knee to any king but Jesus, just as our Founding Fathers once said. Call their bluff, and if they try and crack down on us today’s technology gives us the ability to get our message out to expose them like the late Andrew Breitbart did.

The loss of liberty won’t stop until we make it stop.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)

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