- - Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I enjoy reading Deborah Simmons‘ column in the Washington Times, but “New Tech Prep charter raises the bar on STEM” disappointed me (Web, Sept. 25). Ms. Simmons referred to the best and brightest of students at Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy as “geeks and nerds.” How insensitive.

‘Geek’ and ‘nerd’ are terms a teenage bully, not an educated professional such as Ms. Simmons, might use. How can we expect D.C.’s children to seek a level of accomplishment such as the kind Ms. Simmons mentions in her piece if successful students are labeled so negatively by even their proponents?

I think Ms. Simmons would do better to replace those words with “highly motivated students” or “leaders of tomorrow.”


Heathsville, Va.



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