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Is a correspondence course for the Basic School really feasible (“Semper Lie: Marine Corps Commandant James Amos padded resume,” Web, Oct. 14)?

I took a Basic School course in 1971. There are 250 points considered in a weighted score; peer leadership accounted for 50 of the 250 (15 for first contemporary evaluation and 35 for second contemporary evaluation). Physical tests accounted for 100 of the 250 points, and academic tests (ones with no mark in the curriculum) accounted for the remaining 100 points.

Did the 1977 correspondence course omit peer leadership evaluation and most or all physical tests? If the course consisted of academic tests only, then under the 1971 curriculum the academic portion would have amounted to 100 points of the total of 250, or 40 percent. How could any correspondence course cover peer leadership and physical tests such as land navigation and obstacle courses?

Or perhaps the 1977 correspondence course was just meant to serve as a watered-down course, with no peer leadership evaluation and few if any physical tests. I would like to see a copy of the course curriculum and compare it to the real version.


Judge Advocate General’s Corps,

U.S. Marine Corps (retired)




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