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Reality doesn’t matter in government anymore. It’s feelings that count, as promoted by heavy doses of propaganda.

The biggest example is the transgender/gender identity movement. It proclaims that you can choose your own gender and switch it whenever you wish. Others must bend their behavior to your behavior.

It’s a dangerous notion; one that we would never accept in most walks of life. That’s why propaganda abounds as government, media and the education establishment push hard to change us so that we conform to the transgender movement.

That includes protection for on-the-job cross-dressing, which a majority of U.S. Senators last year voted to protect (including ten Republicans). House Republican leaders refused to hold a vote.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission proclaims transgender behavior is protected under the Civil Rights Act. In September the EEOC launched its litigation campaign, suing the Lakeland Eye Clinic in Florida for firing a male worker who began wearing women’s clothes to work. EEOC also sued Detroit-based Harris Funeral Homes for discharging a funeral director “because she [!] was transitioning from male to female, and/or because she did not conform to the employer’s gender-based expectations, preferences or stereotypes.”

President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13672 in July, requiring that “gender identity” must be honored by everyone doing business with the federal government. That’s over 200,000 contractors.

Last week the Department of Health & Human Services proposed a regulation to disqualify home health care providers from receiving Medicare and Medicaid payments unless they respect transgender rights. In May HHS announced Medicare will now pay for gender reassignment surgery. Some states have decreed it a covered benefit under Obamacare.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is collecting data to penalize landlords who don’t want drag queens and such as tenants. HUD says to expect their plan to be made public this fall, undoubtedly after the elections.

Despite Pentagon objections, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is pushing a review to allow transgender soldiers. For now the military considers gender identity as a psychiatric disorder. The American Psychological Association agrees it’s abnormal, but has renamed it “gender dysphoria.”

The whole push is international. The 2014 Eurovision song competition was won by Austria’s Conchita Wurst, a bearded drag queen whose real name is Tom Neuwirth. If you want to attend next year’s all-Europe singing contest, you can get a U.S. passport issued in your choice of genders, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s actions when she was secretary of state.

The movement has been festering for years, usually unreported by most media. Now stories are erupting across the country as the public is suddenly confronted with what’s been happening under the radar.

The movement is not about protecting natural characteristics, such as race. It’s about protecting behavior of some and forcing the many to embrace it or be punished. Forget biology; forget your physical sex; forget your DNA and your chromosomes. The rationale is that feelings must be exalted over reality.

“The only humane and consistent way to determine a person’s sex is based on their lived experience as male or female. … Any other approach, whether anatomy or chromosomes, will discriminate against some people,” says Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project.

Imagine if we applied this warped logic in other areas.

If your sexual identity is merely a question of what you want to be, then why not racial identity as well? If you label yourself as a minority, then your physical race doesn’t matter. You should get minority loan guarantees and contracts, special consideration in college admission, plus other preferences and set-asides.

Women-owned businesses get special help from the Small Business Administration and other federal programs. So shouldn’t a man qualify for benefits by claiming to be transgender, demanding to be treated like a woman?

Let’s extend the transgender rationale to finances as well. If you feel rich, thinking that you’re actually Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, shouldn’t your bank be required to cash your check for $1 million even if you’re actually broke?

It’s dangerous to discard reality. We’re in big trouble if facts now mean nothing and only feelings count. But, sadly, that’s the transgender way.

TOMORROW: How the media and education establishment have been pushing the transgender movement.​

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