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Aided by national media and the education establishment, President Barack Obama is using federal agencies to push special treatment for transgender persons — people who want to ignore their biological sex and live life as the opposite sex.

Some have sex-change operations, but most don’t. Now Obama’s administration has authorized use of Medicare funds for those surgeries, and some states are including those as benefits under Obamacare.

The term covers what commonly is known as cross-dressing or drag queens. It overlaps with homosexual behaviors but is a different category. “Transgender” is the “T” is the acronym LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).

Most media rarely covered years of the behind-the-scenes efforts. That’s why most Americans see this as a suddenly erupting movement, not as a developing issue but full-grown and reaching into government, the workplace, schools of all level and supportive media coverage.

Media and schools are trying to reeducate us into embracing cross-dressing. Government is trying to force us into it. The U.S. Senate voted 64-32 last year to require businesses to accept it.

Time magazine proclaims transgender is the new human rights movement.

National media honor the wishes of an American traitor, court-martialed Private Bradley Manning, by now referring to him as “Chelsea.”

ABC News’ 20/20 aired two specials about a boy raised from infancy as a girl. The mother told an approving Barbara Walters that her child, “Jazz,” is special, “because there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis.” The parents have doctors administer hormone-blocking shots to their child to suppress testosterone. ABC labeled it a “story of triumph.”

Advocates demean our physical sex as something arbitrarily “assigned” to us. The Los Angeles Times editorializes that privacy laws are less important than a biological boy’s right to shower with teenage girls under California’s new law that allows even kindergarteners to declare their own gender identity independently of what mom and dad say. And your selection gives you access to restrooms, sports teams, locker rooms and more for the opposite sex.

The education establishment is pushing the issue hard, often to the surprise of students’ parents. Last week Virginia Tech declared “gender identity” must be treated by its community as a protected civil right. They’re not alone. One index counts 738 colleges and universities having been enlisted in the movement and adopted similar policies. Now many are making their restrooms co-ed, and the push is on for showers as well.

The New York Times reports that all-women Wellesley College admitted Timothy Boatright because he checked female on his application. He considers himself “masculine-of-center genderqueer.” Now he’s in his third year at Wellesley.

A Quaker college in Oregon, George Fox University, is being investigated for refusing to house a female in a men’s dormitory. She insists that she considers herself a man and that anatomy doesn’t matter.

Aided by liberal educators, the movement has emerged in high schools and grade schools. A Nebraska teacher training handout urges an end to terms like “boys and girls” and suggests “purple penguins” would be a neutral alternative. Colorado is letting a first grade boy use the girls’ restroom, whether parents like it or not.

The Obama White House is feeding the movement with a flurry of initiatives this year, including an executive order aimed at over 200,000 federal contractors, EEOC lawsuits against private businesses, Department of Justice directives, HUD initiatives, even an effort to let cross-dressers join the Army.

The movement is actually about protecting behavior. It’s not about protecting natural characteristics like race. Forget biology; forget your physical sex; forget your DNA and your chromosomes. It’s all about exalting feelings over reality.

“The only humane and consistent way to determine a person’s sex is based on their lived experience as male or female. … Any other approach, whether anatomy or chromosomes, will discriminate against some people,” says Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project.

Imagine if we applied this warped logic in other areas.

If biology doesn’t count, and your sexual identify is all in the mind, then why not racial identity as well? If you think of yourself as a minority, then your physical race doesn’t matter. You should get minority loan guarantees and contracts, special consideration in college admission, plus other preferences and set-asides.

Women-owned businesses get special help from the Small Business Administration and other federal programs. So shouldn’t a man qualify for benefits by claiming to be transgender, demanding to be treated like a woman?

Let’s extend the transgender rationale to finances as well. If you feel rich, thinking that you’re actually Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, shouldn’t your bank be required to cash your check for $1 million even if you’re actually broke?

It’s dangerous to discard reality. We’re in big trouble if facts now mean nothing and only feelings count. But, sadly, that’s the transgender way.

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