- - Thursday, October 2, 2014


President Obama gives higher priority to his two loves — golf and political fundraising — than he gives to America’s national security.

No wonder he complains that he’s surprised by so many world events, like the rise of the deadly Islamic State terrorists.

On average, it takes four hours to play a round of golf. President Obama has played about 200 rounds since he took office. That’s 800 hours.

It takes about 45 minutes for him to receive a national security briefing. Most days he skips those briefings — 58 percent of the time, in fact. So he’s spent about 700 hours receiving intelligence briefings.

Seven-hundred hours on national security, 800 hours on golf. Actually, the imbalance is even worse if you count his travel time to and from golf courses. National security briefings come to him wherever he is — they’re piece-of-cake easy with zero travel time.

Also, Obama has done about 400 fundraisers while in office. Typically they’re two to three hours each, and often more. So he’s also spent more time raising money at swanky events than in national security briefings.

Maybe we should ask intelligence and defense officials to double as caddies for the president, so they could brief him while he plays golf.

And maybe we could pay him extra to attend those briefings, so they’ll seem to him like fundraisers.

Thanks to the Government Accountability Institute, we know how often Obama has been playing hooky from doing his national security homework. For everyone who wondered why Obama so often claims he’s surprised by what terrorists do and what hostile powers do, now they know why.



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