- - Thursday, October 2, 2014


Dinesh D’Souza, author, movie producer and American superpatriot, was sentenced to eight months community confinement and five years of “therapeutic counseling” (Dinesh D’Souza avoids prison, sentenced to 5 years probation,” Web, Sept. 24). His “crime”? Contributing $20,000 to a Senate candidate through two straw donors.

Judge Richard M. Berman said the defendant “continues to minimize his crime.” D’Souza’s “crime” is not even on the radar screen of any sensible person. Real crimes by persons in the highest places dominate the news daily and are totally ignored; these are crimes that degrade every American principle that D’Souza has spent a lifetime defending.

This appalling selective prosecution of a courageous and outspoken critic of the Obama administration is meant to suppress and intimidate opposition — and it is reminiscent of the persecution of Alexander Solzhenitsyn for his critical publications against the former Soviet Union.

It is frighteningly un-American. It should not be allowed to stand.





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