- - Friday, October 24, 2014

Do not, absolutely, do not discuss politics and religion in mixed company. It’s the unwritten social code of polite society. Yet, when I’m at a social gathering, that subject always comes up. Even when I try my best to redirect the chit-chat, it boomerangs back to that taboo topic.

Party Guest: Why do you conservatives hate women?

Me: Did you try the dip?

Party Guest: You know, it’s Bush’s fault that health care premiums went up.

Me: You really should try the bruschetta.

It’s like that Youtube video of babies and their shadows. No matter where I turn, or how I to try to shake it, that topic follows me whether I like it or not. This has led to some pretty interesting, if not amusing, conversations. I’ve found that with most liberals, when their own argument has backed them into a corner, they downplay the absurdity of their conclusion. “So what if our taxes are raised? Only greedy people care that their taxes are raised.”

It’s as if some people have a blind allegiance to Barack Obama that overrides common sense. Pundits have even tried to defend President Obama’s insistence that there is not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS, in spite of the mounting evidence to the contrary. “Only politicians with something to hide care if their tax records are leaked.” It’s this blind allegiance that will put us all at risk when the IRS takes over our medical records.

Under Obamacare, our medical records will be incorporated into our tax records. The IRS shares our records with approximately 280 other government agencies on the federal, state and local level. These lower agencies do not perform sufficient background checks on employees who are privy to your private information.

On Tuesday, the Treasury Inspector General of Tax Administration released an alarming report exposing how easy it is for lower level government employees to access our IRS records. It will only get worse when Obamacare is fully implemented. Everyone’s private medical records will soon be accessible to unvetted government employees.

In a random sampling of the 280 government agencies that have access to our records, only one screened for sex offenses. Less than half screened for criminal backgrounds. This is reckless!

As disturbing as this is, this lack of screening makes certain politicians salivate. Politicians will be able to use their influence to get their opponents’ medical records. Is the incumbent on anti-depressants? Or have a sexually transmitted disease? Has she had an abortion? Does he use Viagra?

It’s not just politicians. Everyone is at risk. These unvetted employees could be bribed by anyone who wants dirt on their neighbor. Medical records could be leverage in a nasty divorce. A creepy stalker might simply want to snoop.

Do you have a medical issue that you’d prefer was kept private? Are you comfortable with your medical records so vulnerable to prying eyes?

Legislation was introduced in both the House and the Senate to halt the full implementation of Obamacare until these privacy risks are resolved. But again, that blind allegiance overrides common sense. Legislation to protect your privacy has been blocked by loyal liberals.

As most liberals try to pretend there is no scandal at the IRS, you and I become more vulnerable to invasion of privacy. The Department of Justice has already acknowledged criminal wrong doing at the IRS, yet chose not to prosecute. I’ve been personally affected by the scandal, so this blind eye particularly infuriates me.

In my situation, a lower level government employee inappropriately accessed my tax records on the very day I announced my 2010 U.S. Senate campaign. Coincidentally, an erroneous tax lien was also placed on my IRS record that very same day. This erroneous tax lien was then used to smear my reputation.
And liberals in Congress still deny there is a problem at the IRS!

It’s a great first step that a Treasury IG office acknowledged the severe cracks in the system that allow abuses such as what happened to me. The question now is whether or not something will be done about it.



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