- The Washington Times - Friday, October 24, 2014

Gloria Steinem has put out the email call for women to rise up, seize their ballot power — and scare the heck out of Republicans this November.

“The outcome of this election will be determined by one factor,” she writes, in an email filtered through the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Women.” Among the faults she slams as pure Republican: The GOP hasn’t passed “Equal Pay” laws and they constantly deny “women their basic rights to make decisions about their own bodies,” she writes, in her email.

And from there, it’s all Steinem-style politics, painting Republicans as the “anti-women” party.

“That scares the Republicans half to death … but not enough to make them actually change their anti-women policies,” she wrote. “They’re relying on tired, sexist tropes to appeal to us. Women will only vote if voting is like dating, getting married or breaking up. At least that’s what Republicans seem to think.”

Ms. Steinem, the bastion of feminist politicking from 1960s-1970s-era gender wars, wrapped with this: “This election is our chance to show them that their relentless sexism will not stand — in fact, it will cost them their seats in Congress. … I need you to step up right now and make sure that Republicans who rely on sexism will lose on November 4th.”



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