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The Ebola virus, as deadly as the bubonic plague, is coming to a city near you (“Ebola: do the math, Mr. President,” Web, Oct. 15). It has been widely reported that the second nurse who was infected with the Ebola virus flew on a commercial flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Cleveland on Frontier Airlines. This particular airliner flew five additional flights after hers.

It is common knowledge that the cabin air on flights is recirculated, which is why some passengers contract respiratory illnesses after flying. Approximately 120 people were on each flight. Multiply that number by the number of people with which each came in contact, and you have an epidemic.

We can thank the Obama administration for wreaking havoc on the American people and then telling us there is no cause for concern. The president refuses to close our borders while he indulges in the pleasures of playing golf and attending fundraisers. It is imperative that we take immediate action against those traveling from infected countries into the United States and close all our borders.

What would stop a terrorist with a suicidal death wish from exposing himself to the virus, sneaking into this country from the porous southern border and coming into contact with as many Americans as possible? This administration obviously is either totally inept or maliciously wishes to bring America to her knees.

As suspected, desperate Democrats are using their contemptible and appalling antics to try to put the Ebola-spread blame on Republicans in hopes of affecting the November elections. Thank you, Washington Times, for exposing the truth that the Centers for Disease Control budget has actually been increased and that since 2007, $6 billion in salaries and $25 million in bonuses have been paid to the agency’s “elites.”

I just don’t understand how anyone can keep these goons in office. On Nov. 4, vote as though your life depends on it.


Berwyn Heights

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