- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An Indiana man running for a slot in the state’s House of Representatives was picked up by police and charged with stalking, forgery, perjury and resisting arrest, court documents stated.

John Couch, 49, from Indianapolis, was seeking an independent spot in House District 92, but was served a search warrant on him home earlier this month and taken into custody, The Indianapolis Star reported.

Police served the warrant based on accusations made by state Rep. Karlee Macer that Mr. Couch had been stalking her for months, the newspaper said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office kicked off an investigation and wrote in a probable cause affidavit filed in Marion Superior Court that Mr. Couch had approached Ms. Macer in an intimidating manner at least six times over a six-month span. The affidavit also detailed how he had allegedly sent her emails and telephone messages that “ordered her not to interrupt him,” Ms. Macer said to police.

Police also found that Mr. Couch had been a patient at Logansport State Psychiatric Hospital and had a previous charge in 2005 for felony stalking, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Mr. Couch was found in his apartment by police amid 11,000 business cards that listed him as state legislator — bringing on the forgery charge, the Indianapolis Star reported.

He also wrongfully filled out his candidacy application, police said. And Mr. Couch reportedly resisted police while they tried to handcuff him, the Indianapolis Star reported.



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