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I write this not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as a very concerned American citizen. I’ve just learned that I will not be allowed to keep either the health care plan or the doctor I had and liked. My new network is smaller, my co-pay is much higher and my premium has gone up more than 200 percent.

I’m confused. I thought these health-care notices weren’t supposed to go out until after the midterm elections. Seriously, do we believe that this is the best our brightest minds have to offer? To drastically increase our children’s already exploding debt and suck the lifeblood out of millions of hard-working folks to end up with the same number of uninsured that we started with (approximately 30 million, according to the Congressional Budget Office).

First and foremost, I’m tired of being repeatedly lied to by our president and his circle of friends. However, what bothers me more than the arrogant delivery of a mountain of lies is the fact that way too many people are getting used to it. It has becoming the new norm.

Our Founding Fathers knew the tyrannical tendencies of too much centralized power in government, and they thus tried to create safeguards in the Constitution. Today we have primarily one branch of government: the “presidential” branch. While well over 350 bills from the House collect dust on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk, his boss runs around town and says, “We have a do-nothing Congress, so I’ll have to just use my pen to get things done.” We are essentially being ruled by one man and his agenda.

Oh, but wait and see what’s in store for us after the elections next week. Green cards are already being printed for millions of unvetted individuals, per the upcoming executive order. Amnesty without securing the border equals wide-open floodgates to whatever the latest global turmoil has to offer, but you won’t hear a word about the chaos from our Border Patrol because there’s been a gag order placed on them by Washington.

In the opinion of many, the upcoming elections are one of the most crucial in this country’s history. I ask any Virginia voter who was planning to sit it out to please reconsider and cast a vote for Virginia Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie. You won’t find the perfect candidate in Mr. Gillespie, but you will find a definitive step in the right direction: a government of, by and for the people.


Lexington, Va.

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