- - Thursday, October 9, 2014


The United States and the rest of Western civilization are living in the 21st century while barbarians such as the Islamic State ac t as though it is the 7th century (“Jimmy Carter slams Obama: He ‘waited too long’ on Islamic State,” Web, Oct. 8). Make no mistake, the Islamic State is prosecuting a religious holy war in an attempt to accomplish what Islam started in that first century.

After the Near East falls, Europe, the Americas and the world at large will be the target. The response President Obama is currently undertaking will accomplish little. The Islamic State has declared war, and Europe, the Middle East and the United States should take that declaration to heart and respond seriously. It is time to throw aside the diplomatic rules of engagement of the 21st century and wipe out this terrorist cancer. I have two words of advice for the president: carpet-bombing.


Yorktown, Va.



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