- - Monday, September 1, 2014


California’s Democratic legislature pumping out more bills, including a vote to strike Proposition 187, denying state services to illegal aliens from the books, comes as no surprise. Illegals are costing taxpayers $5 billion to $6 billion per year, and President Obama’s stunt of inviting illegals to cross the border and spreading these people around the country simply adds insult to injury. Alas, at least the good citizens of Murrieta stood up for themselves with some success, and their example should be followed throughout the state.

Indeed, California is steeped in decline from a Democratic legislature buckling to activist courts, extreme liberals, radical environmentalists, anti-business taxes and onerous regulations. As if those weren’t enough, California is also plagued by a failing public education esystem xacerbated by the selfish interests of teachers unions, a failed penal system putting the population at extreme risk, punishing taxes on the people and their property and a deceitful, tyrannical government bent on crashing the state.

Hopefully California voters will wise up to the fraud and stop the bleeding. Otherwise California will certainly be headed for voter-assisted social, political and economic suicide.


Apple Valley, Calif.

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