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Dr. Ben S. Carson writes that the basic problem of many black families is the absence of fathers and the need for teaching of personal responsibility and response to authority (“A problem bigger than Ferguson,” Web, Aug. 26). Dr. Carson suggests as solutions government programs to help unwed black mothers obtain basic educations and teach social and job skills to young people.

Why not start addressing the fundamental problem? Black families have been under attack for more than a century by Planned Parenthood and its predecessor with campaigns of sterilization, contraception and abortion. There won’t be any change in the black family as long as Planned Parenthood is annually blessed by the federal government (primarily President Obama) to undermine black families with more than $550 million of our taxes. Planned Parenthood instructs young people that sex is OK at any time as long as contraception is used — but there is a high rate of teen pregnancy from such indiscriminate sex, and it results in out-of-wedlock birth or abortion. Planned Parenthood fills its coffers from the latter.

Not only is this organization destroying black families with taxpayer money, it is also being challenged for billing fraud for its services in several states. Recently, an appeals court decided that a suit against Planned Parenthood in Iowa for billing fraud could proceed because facts were adduced that the group had “filed claims for (1) unnecessary quantities of birth-control pills; (2) birth-control pills dispensed without examinations or without or prior to a physician’s order; (3) abortion-related services; and (4) the full amount of services that had already been paid, in whole or in part, by ‘donations’ Planned Parenthood coerced from patients.”

Planned Parenthood’s sex philosophy results in increased poverty, criminal behavior, school dropouts, venereal disease, instances of abuse of women and children, teen pregnancies and abortions. Its harmful effects and lifelong educational and economic discrimination for which we all pay dearly in federal and state social programs results in “defiant youth tangling with cops.”


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