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As a country that was founded on the principles of religious freedom, America ironically, by the insidious chipping away of our religious liberties, has become that which the early colonists had fled; namely, a country that persecutes Christians (“Poll: Americans want more politics with their preaching,” Web, Sept. 22).

In Revolutionary days, pastors and other church leaders formed the “Black Robe Regiment” as they sought to preserve and protect the freedom and liberties granted to them in the divinely inspired U.S. Constitution. If we no longer are a moral people that abides by the word of God, the Constitution will become null and void.

The societal winds of change have deceived many in their thinking away from the inspired word of God. It is understandable that some pastors are reluctant to preach on abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage because these practices have been accepted and condoned socially and legally. As we slide down the slippery slope, there likely will come a day when pastors are prohibited from preaching on these moral issues altogether. Lacking pastoral guidance and godly wisdom, some Christians are already abandoning God’s word in exchange for social acceptance.

If we deny the truth of Bible-based moral standards, then we have no moral standard at all. I believe this is why Americans want more preaching on social issues from their houses of worship.


Berwyn Heights

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