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You can’t find a bigger bully than the guy who thinks people who disagree with him should be arrested and jailed. That’s Robert Kennedy Jr., popping up from the bully-infested weeds of the climate change movement to reveal his vision for a more Stalinist America.

RFK Jr. was attending the big Communist Party rally in New York City last week, at which a few people also showed up to talk about environmentalism. The scent of re-education camps and secret police was heavy in the air. Just about everyone agreed that it shouldn’t be legal to disagree with them. They had lists of questions no one should be allowed to ask.

That’s literally what actor Mark Ruffalo said when the delicate subject of the lavish carbon-spewing lifestyle of Hollywood eco-warriors was brought up. Have you seen actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht? It’s huge! You could fit everyone at the climate rally who wasn’t a communist inside that thing! But when someone asked if private jets, multiple mansions and 500-foot yachts were a bit hypocritical for a global warming crusader, Mr. Ruffalo said, “That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today.”

Ask the wrong questions of Robert Kennedy Jr., and he’ll punch your ticket to the gulag. “I think they should be in jail,” he said of global-warming skeptics. “I think they should be enjoying three hots and a cot in The Hague, with all the other war criminals who are there.”

How big is the jail underneath The Hague? Millions of well-informed people would have to be imprisoned to make Mr. Kennedy’s Stalinist dreams come true. It would cost a lot of money just to get all those people to The Hague. And wouldn’t flying them all to the Netherlands release a lot of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere?

It’s not just ordinary citizens who would fall beneath Mr. Kennedy’s jackboots, either. Politicians who disagree with him need to be punished, too. “Those guys are doing the Koch brothers’ bidding and are against all the evidence of the rational mind, saying global warming does not exist. They are contemptible human beings. I wish there were a law you could punish them with,” he spluttered, and there’s a video. (He’s right about that, anyway: All the evidence of the rational mind says global warming does not exist. That’s why nutburger activists have these twisted fantasies about throwing their opponents in jail.)

And that was Mr. Kennedy at his most relaxed. He really lost his marbles after Michelle Fields of PJTV interrupted his anti-corporate tirade to ask if he’s got an iPhone. “Aren’t you concerned about the damage that the cell phone and electricity generation causes to the environment?” she asked. “Are you willing to give up your iPhone? Why not? Doesn’t it start with people like you? Shouldn’t you lead by example?”

Bullies don’t need leadership or intellectual consistency. Who has to bother with making sacrifices to lead by example when you can call your opponents traitors and maybe throw them in jail? “I’m not going to stop using a cell phone,” he huffed, after trying to weasel out of the conversation by demanding Ms. Fields stop using hers. “I’m not gonna stop using … I don’t believe that we have to reduce, the, uh, our quality of life in order to have, a, uh, rational free market, in order to, um, stop the use of carbon and to divorce ourselves from a fuel that is destroying our planet. What we need to do is change the laws. It’s much more important to change your politician than to change your light bulb, or your cell phone, or your automobile.”

Got that? You don’t have to change your lifestyle. Just stop using all industrial technology and everything will be fine. We can make the atmosphere change by passing some laws and voting the right people into office. Change the laws, not your light bulb … which, Comrade Kennedy might have forgotten, we were forced to change by law a few years ago.

In case the nuances of that argument were lost on you, he repeated: “Listen, we don’t care what kind of car you use. But we’re going to make a law that says you can’t make a car in this country unless it gets 40 miles a gallon. You can’t make a car unless it’s an electric car.” See, it’s total freedom! You can have any car you want, as long as it’s not one the commissars have decided you shouldn’t have. Or maybe you can only have an electric car. Quit trying to pin him down on the details, or he’ll ship you off to The Hague.

Mr. Kennedy ended up grabbing Ms. Fields’ microphone away from her when she tried to interrupt his spittle-flecked Koch brothers rant, which is a classic bully move. Good thing liberals can shove conservative women around with impunity!

By the way, did you know Mr. Kennedy and his actress wife, Cheryl Hines, just bought a new house in Malibu? It cost nearly $5 million for nearly 3,000 square feet plus a guest house, pool house, storage barn and a two-story tree house. No sir, Robert Kennedy Jr. ain’t compromising his lifestyle, but you’d better compromise yours, and stop asking him questions, if you know what’s good for you. The food at the secret dungeon complex underneath The Hague is terrible.

So, for your unimaginable gall and hypocrisy, you, Robert Kennedy Jr., are the Liberal Bully of The Week.

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