- The Washington Times - Friday, September 26, 2014

Decrying the “lamestream media” and “Alinsky-lovin’” elitists, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called on attendees at the 2014 Values Voter Summit to help fundamentally restore America.

“It is time to stand and fight like your country’s future depends on it, because it does,” she said.

She derided “these Alinksy-lovin’, Orwellian, out-of-touch command and control elitists who’ve been running the show” who used to rail against big government — but have now actually become “The Man.”

“Their M.O. is to play the politics of personal destruction against anyone who they would deem a threat to their power,” she said.

Mrs. Palin, serving up typical red meat in the approximately 20-minute address, exploded onto the scene in the 2008 presidential election when Arizona Sen. John McCain plucked her out of political obscurity to serve as his running mate.

Her folksy style and defense of the Second Amendment helped make her a rock star among the party’s grassroots — and also made her a favorite target of Democrats.

After the 2008 election, Mrs. Palin returned home to Alaska and months later quit her job, citing “frivolous” ethics probes and the legal costs associated with it.

She said Friday the left screams racism just to end debates and urged the crowd: “don’t retreat — you reload with truth.”

“We can survive this president — the question is, can we survive the people who voted for him a second time?” she said.

She told the “values voters” in attendance that they “scare the bejesus” out of opponents because voters in the audience value things such as life and equal opportunity — issues people can’t argue against.

“Friends, the accuser would say that you are the divisive ones, the media trying to say that our basic core values divide, that truth, liberty, and opportunity, and courage, and life,” she said. “Do they divide? Only under screwed up Orwellian leadership would they be considered as something to divide.”

But, she said, a positive, optimistic outlook is key.

“Go not as prophets of doom and fear, but messengers of vibrant life and real hope,” she said. “We are value voters. And our values were our founders’ values, they are America’s values. And our message is the message that America wants to hear and needs to hear.”

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