- - Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In 2008, during the height of the presidential primary season, I had the opportunity to speak with nearly all of the candidates on the Republican side. (The Democrats, while invited repeatedly, never came on my radio show, although I would have treated them respectfully and honestly.)

After many in-depth conversations, additional study, and reflection, I thought Mitt Romney was the strongest candidate, so I gave him my endorsement. Unfortunately, many of my fellow Americans fell for “the trick” by the media, and John McCain was chosen as the nominee.

“The trick” I refer to comes up every four years. It’s predictable, it’s orchestrated and the American people fall for it every … single … time!

It goes like this: “Candidate X is the ONLY candidate who can reach out to moderates. He’s so good, Democrats are voting for him.”

You’ll watch talking heads fawn over this candidate. “Republicans had better get it right this time! Those other GOP candidates are way too far to the right. This candidate is the only one who can reach the disenfranchised voter.”

You just know the reporter/commentator shills are all Democrats, but the way they talk, it sounds like they’re going to vote for this guy themselves because he is THAT special.

Then something magical happens: The MOMENT “Mr. Electable” is the confirmed the front-runner, he suddenly becomes the Devil incarnate. This evil man wants to destroy the planet, make our children stupid by dismantling education, and in his off time enjoys watching seniors die of malnutrition. He also hates the little guy, wants big business to screw everybody, and is trying really hard to make it so we can’t breathe clean air, or drink clean water. Thank goodness for the wonderful Democrat who can now save the day!

Like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, we know it’s going to happen, we know when it’s going to happen, we know HOW it’s going to happen, but we fall for it every stinkin’ time!

We’re watching it right now. The inside-the-Beltway talk is: “Mitt Romney has high poll numbers, and people regret voting for Obama, so he should run in 2016. He’s the ONLY one that can beat Hillary!”

Oh look! I can see the useful idiots, formally with Occupy Wall Street, rummaging for their tents in the back of Mommy’s garage so they can relive the glory days.

The other narrative is: “Jeb Bush is the ONLY guy that is moderate enough to win.”

How stupid do they think we are? When was the last time a “moderate” won anything? Go big or go home! We have too much to fix right now than to have some dude who wants to go along to get along. That’s what got us to the dangerous place we’re stuck in now.

“It’s only a few million illegal immigrants, how bad can it be?”

“Let’s raise the debt ceiling again this year, how bad can it be?”

“Let’s elect a guy who’s done little with his life but smoke dope in Hawaii and organize people to freeload off the system, how bad can it be?”

And since when do we have monarchies in the USA? Do we have to go Bush, Clinton, Bush, (placeholder), Bush, Clinton, etc. for the next hundred years? Are there no other families that can have a positive impact on our republic? If Hillary loses, I think it should be Roger Clinton’s turn next, or do we just skip over to Chelsea?

This country is far too important to just turn it over to two families who think they have a mandate to run things for us.

We are far too intelligent a people than to fall for these cheap political stunts perpetrated by the Left and their cheerleaders in the media. We don’t need the next presidential election to be a rerun of 2012, or 2008, or 1992.

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