- - Monday, April 20, 2015


President Obama is getting quite chummy with Raul Castro, the president of Cuba. Cuba is the only communist country in this hemisphere. Apparently Mr. Obama needs to be told that Raul Castro is the brother of Fidel Castro, the man who allied himself with the Russians to nuke the United States.

Raul and Fidel Castro are the worst enemies that the United States has ever had. They were prepared to rain nuclear-tipped missiles all over us. We cannot ever be friends with Cuba while a Castro brother is in power. And even after Raul Castro dies, communist ties with Russia and China must be severed and a democracy established.

We don’t need their sugar and they have nothing to offer to us that would make it palatable to have friendly relations with them.

Mr. Obama is far too friendly to terrosist-sponsor countries — and now he is befriending communists. What is wrong with this man? He and his amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens — a program that includes criminals and other drug dealers — is far too friendly and against the best interests of the United States. Mr. Obama is bad news for the United States.





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