- - Monday, April 20, 2015


It’s time to praise the police and stop the mindless, politically correct protests and their Al Sharpton-style slogans, such as “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” “Black Lives Matter” and more recently “All Lives Matter.”

The truth is I can’t find a time when a police officer ever shot an unarmed, surrendering person who had his or her hands up. Furthermore, the “All Lives Matter” campaign is just plain dumb. Few if any in this country (and most other countries) would say that the lives of members of the Islamic State, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Marathon bomber and any others of their ilk matter.

As for the tragic killing of Walter Scott in Charleston recently, it appears from the video to be totally unnecessary. Eight shots to stop someone? If an officer can’t hit the criminals’ legs or buttocks to stop them with less than eight shots maybe the officer should spend more time on the range or not carry a gun.

The reason situations such as the Scott killing occur is because the bad folks expect the police will chase them (putting themselves at risk of harm) rather than shoot to stop them. When I was young growing up in south Philadelphia I and all my friends knew that if the police said “Halt” it meant you should do just that. If you did decided to run you could expect to hear two warning shots, in the air, with the third and subsequent shots coming at your behind or legs. What ever happened to that sensible approach?

Perhaps the slogan we should be marching to is “Halt — Don’t Run.”


Yorktown, Va.



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