- - Tuesday, April 21, 2015


According to President Obama, enabling Iran to continue to enrich uranium and thus progress toward a nuclear warhead is fine, because the greatest threat facing life on our planet is unchecked climate change (“Obama: U.S. must secure global climate-change deal ‘before it’s too late,’” Web, April 18). This does not represent logical thinking, but is an extension of an earlier claim by Mr. Obama that climate change is no longer a theory; it is established scientific fact.

Mr. Obama has clearly never read the works of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who noted that any physical theory is provisional in the sense that it is only a hypothesis you can never prove. On the other hand, a theory can be disproved by finding a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory.

According to my observations, Iran is a proven supporter of terrorism throughout the world. The leaders of Iran proudly chant “Death to America” and repeatedly threaten to destroy Israel. Iran has been a disruptive force in world politics ever since the departure of the shah. The Iranian government’s record of behavior indicates clearly that Tehran has no intention of joining what we could call civilized society, but are instead bent on undermining all vestiges of western culture.

No, Mr. President, the real threat to our planet is signing an agreement to enable Iran to acquire nuclear warheads, coupled with your own private war on the use of fossil fuels. Your ideas represent a greater threat to our future than climate change.



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