- - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Republican congressman ripped congressional leadership for their inaction on President Obama’s executive amnesty plan for illegals and pointed a finger at Sen. Marco Rubio for U.S. problems with open borders.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks was a guest on Tim Constantine’s “Capitol Hill Show” on Tuesday and the conversation was dominated by the topic of illegal immigration and the effort by the Obama administration to circumvent existing law and grant amnesty to millions.

“What I am very disappointed in is the House and Senate leadership,” Mr. Brooks explained.

He walked listeners step-by-step through his own attempt to get Congress to take specific action to stop the president, “but House leadership refused to allow this to come up for a vote.”

A passionate Mr. Brooks described the actions of congressional leadership as embarrassing and shameful.

Later in the interview he went after Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

Speaking about the thousands of illegals regularly crossing the U.S. border, Mr. Brooks pointed a finger, “It was Republicans like Marco Rubio who led the effort to open the floodgates.”

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