- - Wednesday, April 8, 2015


President Obama appears to be on the road again, electronically speaking, hyping the yet-to-be-agreed-upon nuclear deal with Iran. He is pitching a scenario that is totally opposite from the one Iran is relating. Both cannot be right.

We have ample history telling us that Iran cannot be trusted. We also have ample history showing that our own president does not always speak the truth, either (“shovel-ready jobs,” “you can keep your doctor,” better medical coverage at a lower cost for all, etc.). Whom should we believe, if either?

My greater concern now involves Mr. Obama. He appears hell-bent on going it alone, actively keeping Congress in the dark. He has actually threatened to veto any attempts by Congress to interfere with ‘his’ deal. For any U.S. president to want to negotiate a nuclear agreement with any nation without first seeking out the input of the co-equal part of our government is actually frightening. Not getting additional input on such an important matter, in my mind, makes Mr. Obama somewhat akin to the delusions of Capt. Queeg in “The Caine Mutiny.” It also calls to mind the ineptness of Gilligan. I just hope “We, the people” can realize what is happening to our country before it is too late.


Gilbert, Ariz.



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