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I am now reading that even though Donald Trump is leading the polls owing to his concern for the issues important to Americans and his proposals for dealing with those issues, those who like him say they wouldn’t support Mr. Trump in the general election. This is because his “likeability” is lacking.

How many many presidents have been elected on the basis of their “likeability”? How well have these men performed as president of the United States? This business of voting for a candidate because he or she seems nice or because one likes his or her spouse, thinks he or she has a nice smile, a cute dog or nice children has gotten this country into a heck of a mess. It’s time for people to bite the bullet and elect people who want to promote the good of the nation in accordance to the dictates of the Constitution politicians are sworn to protect and defend.

The United States is drowning in debt, and we are so inundated with non-English-speaking immigrants that bills are being put forward to save the language as the primary one spoken within our borders. Political candidates have to cater to the concerns of non-citizens in order to attract votes. We are under relentless attack by forces that want this country obliterated. We have sent our jobs overseas, our children are not being educated, we have a monstrous drug epidemic, and our military is becoming impotent. The list goes on.

It’s true that Mr. Trump seems to have an attitude, but he also exudes confidence and his accomplishments show he certainly has the drive and ability to succeed. I would wager he has greater ability to achieve success as president than a “community organizer” from Chicago who was never met a payroll.

Mr. Trump wants to put the United States first. Maybe it’s time to give that a try. I remember Gen. George S. Patton. Few people thought he had much “likeability” — but he fought the war better than anyone else.


Ijamsville, Md.

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