- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grace Potter


(Hollywood Records)


The silky-voiced Vermont songstress embarks on her first solo release — minus her band, the Nocturals — for Hollywood Records and produced by Eric Valentine. The amazing Miss Potter hasn’t lost any of her verve or musical poise on a disc that vacillates between synth-heavy dance cuts like “Alive Tonight” with more gospel-infused entries like “Empty Heart” and “Nobody’s Born With a Broken Heart.” “The Miner” is a downtempo gift, while the ethereal “Biggest Fan” is a meditation on fame and adulation. The elegiac “Let Me Go” closes out the album with a quiet bang — rather fitting for a final number.

Overall, disc is more synth-y and produced — and with less introspection — than Miss Potter’s previous efforts with the Nocturnals, but her incredible vocals and range continue to shine through even the perhaps overly layered studio magic. Miss Potter continues to be a shining star in the current musical landscape.



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