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It must be admitted. There is a war on women. The Democrats have been screaming about this for years, and they should know. Because the war is their war on women all across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Under President Obama, more women are unemployed, fewer women have started new businesses, we lost our health insurance, our doctors and our hospitals.

During the Obama-Hillary regime, for several years now the number of women on food stamps outnumber women who work full-time. According to The Hill newspaper, “the last time this happened was three decades ago — when Virginia Slims marketed their cigarettes to women with the slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Three decades later, the Obama administration has taken women back to the future.”

Our lives have been reduced by liberals to political dirty dishrags, as they cynically use women’s life experiences as a ploy to gain votes and power.

Ironically, the Democrats now point to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the presidency as the indication that Democrats and liberalism are the champions for women and supposedly the only people individuals of the female sex can trust.

The contempt liberals have for women is highlighted by Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. The fact is they clearly don’t believe they can do any better than a woman who has accomplished nothing despite decades in politics. They can’t hope for more than a woman who lies about things great and small, whether it be condemning four men to death by abandoning them in Benghazi, or how her airplane came under sniper fire and performed a “corkscrew landing” when arriving in Bosnia in 1996.

Mrs. Clinton eventually admitted she “misspoke” about that sniper fire and the landing. The Washington Post reported in 2008 the then-presidential candidate blamed her “sleep deprived” condition for the error. That doesn’t bode well for us. Imagine what would happen if she were president and got, well, tired. Who knows what button she would press.

The latest for Mrs. Clinton is at once horrible and pathetic. Every day there are new revelations about the email server and breaches of classified and top secret communications. This absurd situation is happening because she cares more for her own paranoia than she does the security of this nation.

As the numbers of emails on her server deemed classified and top secret expands (in the hundreds as of this writing), Mrs. Clinton tweeted something astonishing. Revealing an acknowledgement of what will no doubt be a massive number of classified and top secret communications to come, she tweeted, “From a former @TheJusticeDept official: “Our ridiculous classification rules” are the real problem.”

She then links to a Politico story with just that angle.

A woman who believes she’s entitled to the presidency of all things, whose activities are under investigation by the FBI, is now whining. Things are so stupidly bad, the only argument she has is that she’s not a liar, corrupt and possible criminal — it’s the laws and policies that are wrong. She’s a victim. It’s not fair. Secretary of State-ing is hard!

All of this because of a decision she made specifically to assuage her paranoia that people are out to get her. Then she does something to set into motion activity that confirms her existential core belief that people are, well, out to get her.

It’s also probably very exciting for her in a sick sort of way. Like thinking you’re in mortal danger evading sniper fire, or staying in a bombed-out hotel in Belfast (except you forget to mention it happened two years before you got there). But it is exciting to think about, no?

At this point I’m beginning to wonder who was really first lady, Hillary Clinton or Brian Williams.

With a mentality like this, could this nation survive with her as — gasp — commander in chief for eight years?

For the Democrats, their lack of respect for women manifests in their low expectations of them. Just as you can tell a lot about a man based on the woman who’s with him, you can tell an awful lot about a political party and its intentions based on the character of the women who identify with it.

The Democrats expect women to accept the Planned Parenthood atrocities because they’re women. They expect women to look the other way when losing their businesses, jobs, doctors and hospitals, because they’re women. Liberals expect women to do as they’re told when it comes to voting because they’re women.

And why does Mrs. Clinton have such contempt for other women? She can’t afford to hate her cheating husband, so she chooses to hate the women he cheats with instead. She can’t punish him because she needs him. But she can punish us, and she plans to.

As women, we fortunately do have a choice and it’s time we begin exercising it. As a feminist I, too, want a woman in the White House. As a conservative I also demand that it be a woman who knows what she’s doing, is a leader, doesn’t lie, isn’t corrupt and actually loves the country. That’s a bridge too far for liberals, which is why the conservative heart must prevail for our great nation to survive.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk show host.

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