- - Sunday, December 13, 2015


The Supreme Court is just another bunch of pinheads who cannot see the forest for the trees (“Affirmative action hangs in balance as Supreme Court hears U. of Texas case,” Web, Dec. 9). For some perverse reason everyone assumes that every kid with a less than perfect upbringing is dumb as a stump and incapable of learning. Be they black, white or plaid, we just fix their grades, dumb down their curriculum and smilingly hand them a diploma — even when they are apparently incapable of walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time.

We then choose the unqualified to attend college, with a minimal chance of real success, in the place of far more qualified students and expect miracles. Contrary to the pontifications of the temporary resident of the White House, just saying a thing does not make it so. If accurate, ‘unscrubbed’ statistics were available, I believe it would find that affirmative action is generally a failure. The focus should be on the first grade, not the thirteenth.

The process of affirmative action should be an embarrassment to every minority and disadvantaged student. Instead of lining their pockets, the perceived “leaders” from the NAACP, CASA and other organizations should be demanding that all students be held to a higher standard to achieve, and should not be advanced in school until that is achieved.

Intelligent students will think for themselves and never follow patronizing, failed leadership, be it on the street corner with a dime bag or in the White House with a golf bag. All kids are worth more than our politicians and so-called ‘leaders’ wish to give. Maybe these people should review the definition of excellence.



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