- - Thursday, December 17, 2015


In his Dec. 15 op-ed “How to lose a war” (Web) Peter Vincent Pry outlines the dangerous retreat of the United States from the battle between the ‘good guys’ and ever-increasing bands of aggressive international bad guys armed with game-changing new weapons such as “clean” nukes and super-EMP weapons.

Pry writes, “If the United States gets into a war under the leadership of Team Obama, we will lose.” That’s right — if that happens, we will suffer defeat. With no thanks to all of our feckless educational establishments, generations of history-challenged voters are blissfully unaware of the brutality and the hardships born by civilian losers in recent defeats such as in Singapore, Phnom Penh, Saigon, Nanking, Berlin, etc. It is about time for the word defeat to once again become part of our everyday lexicon so that Americans will at least have some idea about what they and their families can expect.

A defeat will mean a lot more than just some new faces in Washington, local city halls, police departments and TV-news stations. Defeat by the ‘wrong’ opponent means death — and the destruction of one’s family and the environment about which one cares. Defeat by the ‘right’ opponent means enslavement and concentration camps for everybody but the well-connected.

The wolf is almost at the door and all the government money in the world cannot buy back the time that we have squandered by allowing “Team Obama” and the crony capitalists to gut the arsenal of democracy while instilling a false sense of security in the minds of the average citizen. America will become hell on earth — and nobody seems to care.


Vienna, Va.



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