- - Thursday, December 17, 2015


I see Warren Buffett is jumping on the Hillary Rodham Clinton bandwagon — and demanding higher taxes on the wealthy. What is it about those who want the wealthy to pay more? Do they not realize that the increases in taxes that the wealthy would pay would only be a reason for the government to spend more? Maybe they do realize this and it’s their motive. Or maybe they want to punish those who make a lot of money. Whatever the reason, they do not consider economics.

In 2001 Russia instituted a 13-percent flat tax, and it has generated more income for the government than the previous system. Russia has also been able to balance its budget since it has now doubled its income from taxes since institution of the flat tax.

Many in our government don’t want a flat tax. They use the tax system as a divisive issue for votes and companies, and therefore our tax system will never be changed. They talk deficit and debt reduction but that is all they do. They have no intention of reducing either.


Port Orchard, Wash.



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