- - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Any doubts about whether President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and their aides had taken up residence on another rock in the universe — perhaps Pluto, which recently lost its status as a planet — vanished with the arrival of a State Department report on American foreign-policy “successes” of 2015.

Mr. Kerry’s spokesman summarized them earlier this week and managed to suppress a fit of tell-tale giggles in the telling. Among the accomplishments was how President Obama succeeded in “bringing peace” to Syria while “winning the fight against violent extremists.” This was news to everyone, and to none more than the hundreds of thousands of Syrians flooding Europe to escape the mayhem in their homeland, but puzzling to the radical Islamic terrorists who say that things are going swimmingly for their side.

What’s scary at year’s end (and at the beginning of the new) is that the men and women who sit in charge of the planet the rest of us live on actually seem to believe what they’re saying, and think their words make a greater impact than the deeds of the terrorists.

The same skeptics who noticed that the emperor was not actually wearing anything new, not even his BVDs, might ask how the president actually brought peace to Syria. There was a ready answer from administration headquarters on Pluto: The administration, says Mr. Kerry’s official spokesman, achieved success not by defeating the Islamic State, or ISIS, and their affiliated jihadists, but by persuading the powerful delegates to the United Nations, awash in first-world safety to adopt a resolution. Words are thought more powerful than mere howitzers or warplanes in Obamaworld.

And what about those violent extremists? According to Mr. Kerry’s spokesman, the president and the secretary of State dealt them a mortal blow by convening and hosting a “White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism,” right here in downtown Washington, D.C. The resolution, they assured everyone, was “monumental” in its impact.

Nor are these the only foreign policy successes of the prince of hope and change. The president presided over the recognition of Cuba. The raising of the Stars and Stripes in Havana, after an absence of a half-century, would make a difference not only for the United States but for the suffering people of the island. And indeed, the renewal of diplomatic relations has made a big difference. More Cubans are fleeing now than in years, propelled by fear that with the warming of friendship with the Castro brothers, the president could logically deny them sanctuary here in North America. More than 45,000 Cubans have fled since President Obama fixed things. The Castro brothers arrested or detained 1,500 Cubans in December alone, who are now “assisting” the government in their “investigations” of those fleeing (and no doubt of their families).

Some Cubans are, in fact, improving their lot, catering to American tourists flocking to the island. Cuban baseball fans — no fans are more passionate in their love of the game — are getting the treat of seeing again some of the native players who fled in years past for careers in American leagues, but the regime is making sure that nobody gets carried away on the waves of enthusiasm. The Castro brothers do not live in a fantasy world, but in the grim Marxist wasteland of the here and the now.

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