- - Friday, December 4, 2015

Liberals claim to be proponents of diversity, but repeatedly expose themselves as hypocrites by opposing diversity of thought and belief.

They are intolerant of people who express views not in line with the apparently settled liberal worldview.

And, those who hold views that are not consistent with this settled liberal worldview, usually conservatives, are quickly branded as racists, bigots and misogynists.

These nasty, and usually untrue, labels are used to shut down conversations and stifle free speech.

From Yale University to the University of Southern California, institutions of higher learning nationwide have become prime locations for the left’s growing campaign to silence speech, specifically conservative speech.

Regularly, harmful labeling and harassment are used on college campuses as go-to tactics for liberal students and administrators to shut down conservatives who disagree with them.

Instead of arguing on merits, these leftist bullies attempt to delegitimize dissenters of their liberal opinions through the use of intimidation tactics and appalling labels like racist and right-wing extremist.

Their mission is to hush conservative dissenters of the settled liberal worldview in order to make examples of them and in turn silence other conservative dissenters.

For example, people who don’t support abortion are labeled as misogynists wanting to control women, instead of being seen as people who care about the unborn.

Furthermore, women who voice conservative views on campuses are treated despicably, immediately branded as mindless gender traitors who don’t care about women’s rights.

Black women who voice conservative views are treated even worse, not only labeled as gender traitors but also characterized as race traitors or sellouts, as people who could not care less about citizens of their own race and gender.

Since when did being an advocate for women and being conservative become mutually exclusive?

Since when did race alone determine what political views one should hold?

These chilling attempts to bully conservatives of all races and genders into hiding have become much too frequent, especially on college campuses.

The intolerance of the left is growing and it’s simply not acceptable in American society.

Liberal discrimination of opposing thought and belief will only get worse if conservatives don’t unite and push back against the concerted effort on the left to smother truly diverse free speech.

Madison Gesiotto is a staff editor for the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. The author’s views are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law.

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