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Bobbie Oliver

“Feminazi C***”

Georgia native Bobbie Oliver, author of “The Tao of Comedy,” unleashes all of her hilarious thoughts on marital life, drugs and the downside of living in the cyberage in this no-holds-barred comedy CD. Miss Oliver, who teaches stand-up comedy at Tao Comedy Studio in Los Angeles, reflects on her time in the Hollywood trenches, the double standard of gender typing (“No woman called me crazy, but every man the minute I show any emotion has”) and on such proxies of daily living as asking “Why is feminine odor a term and not ‘masculine odor’?”

Miss Oliver’s targets of choice in particular are sexism, misogyny and a too-permissive rape culture. On the album she decries the lack of advocacy for sexual assault while saying that breast cancer awareness gets far more attention despite the fact that sex assaults are twice as common. She reserves her biggest salvo for “men’s rights advocates” who troll Twitter decrying any attempts at female empowerment, and who have posted angry statements to her Twitter account such as “I hope you get raped.”

Rather than taking such in stride, Miss Oliver believes in finding a new term to call those men who act like such prigs in lieu of more common slurs. Going for the throat, Miss Oliver says that such men should be called what they view as the worst possible insult: “We can call them ‘women.’”

Miss Oliver also reflects on other cultural double standards, such as relating how she was once high and became paranoid upon seeing a police officer approaching. However, the office merely waved.

“Oh, this is white privilege,” Miss Oliver observes, while acknowledging the situation may have ended far differently if she were black.

The album is available at Amazon, perhaps the perfect stocking-stuffer for that person in your family who isn’t turned off by intelligent comedians who tend to work in the blue.

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